iOS (SwiftUI)

With version 4.1.0 of the VIS.X® SDK for UIKit, the VIS.X® SDK for SwiftUI has become obsolete. We will sunset the dedicated SwiftUI version in Q1/2024 and encourage you to use the VIS.X® SDK for UIKit instead.

This document explains how to install and activate the VIS.X® SDK for SwiftUI in your native iOS app. The SwiftUI SDK will utilize the original UIKit SDK but offers an easy-to-use interface between both technologies. If you are building your app in UIKit directly, click here for the dedicated solution. Please also ensure to check out our Getting Started guide first, to familiarize yourself with the features and formats and start the integration process afterward.

After the installation is done, you may continue with Banner and/or Interstitial integration to display ads and complete the integration process.

  1. Steps for adding the SDK to your project
  2. App Transport Security
Steps for adding the SDK to your project

The VIS.X® SDK for iOS can be installed via CocoaPods.

You can locate our Pod here.

To use it in your project simply add VisxSwiftUISDK pod to your targets.

target 'MyApp' do
  pod 'VisxSwiftUISDK'

Next, open a terminal window, navigate to the project folder and run the following command:

$ pod install --repo-update
App Transport Security

Introduced in IOS9, ATS (App Transport Security) will block every non-HTTPS connection in iOS applications by default to enforce secure connections.

While the majority of the ad industry has moved to full HTTPS support, there might be some media that is still hosted on non-secured servers. If you want to prevent these ads from being blocked by ATS, you can configure it in the Info tab of your app’s target settings. The following items should be considered for “App Transport Security Settings”:

  • Allow Arbitrary Loads
  • Allow Arbitrary Loads For Media
  • Allow Arbitrary Loads In Web Content