VIS.X® SDK for Android v4.1.0:

New Features
  • Optional Header Bidding Support
  • Optional Lazy Loading Support
  • Publisher can declare UI Element for dynamic ad space calculation
  • General code refactoring
  • Possibilities to restrict resizing after the creative has rendered
Patch Notes: v4.1.1
  • Missing Close Button in some cases of Inline-To-Interstitial FIXED
  • Minor issues with Interstitial FIXED
  • Minor positioning issues with YOC Branded Takeover FIXED
  • Minor issues with Remote Configuration FIXED
Patch Notes: v4.1.2
  • Rare Null Pointer Exception FIXED

Date of Release: 2023-11-02

VIS.X® SDK for Android v4.0.0:

New Features
  • Introduction of VIS.X® AI into the VIS.X® SDK
  • Ads have proper sizes and effects before being rendered
  • Ad life cycle handling is greatly reduced for the publisher
  • Ad size definition is aligned with industry standards
  • Ad container will automatically collapse on onFailedToLoad()
  • Ad container will listen to changes in the view hierarchy and recalculate available space
  • New Formats: Banner can become sticky on the bottom and top positions to reach viewability goals. They will automatically convert to inline when closed or back on screen.
  • Regular sticky ads no longer need to be integrated inline
  • New Callbacks for partial overlays, such as sticky ads
  • Interstitials can be launched from inline positions if the publisher explicitly asks for them (deactivated by default)
  • Deprecation: AppDomain, VisxAdSize
  • Refactor Header Bidding mechanisms
  • Performance Improvements for YOC Understitial Ad®, YOC Branded Takeover, YOC Mystery Scroller®
  • OM SDK: Measurement Improvements for YOC Understitial Ad®, YOC Branded Takeover, YOC Mystery Scroller®
  • OM SDK: Publisher can declare friendly obstruction
  • Mediation: Logs are only available when Mediation is activated
  • Expired ads will no longer be displayable, a new ad call needs to be made
Bug Fixes
  • Several minor bugs FIXED

Date of Release: 2023-07-04

VIS.X® SDK for Android v3.2.0:

New Features
  • Open Measurement SDK upgraded to version 1.4.2
  • Improved Logging Messages for Interstitial Lifecycle
  • Improved overall ad life cycle to address potential Memory Leaks
Bug Fixes
  • Memory Leak occuring in single Activity app designs FIXED

Date of Release: 2023-02-24

VIS.X® SDK for Android v3.1.0:

New Features
  • Kotlin Migration and Major Refactor for improved stability and performance
Patch Notes: v3.1.1
  • Memory Leak related with Interstitial Ads FIXED

Date of Release: 2022-12-30

VIS.X® SDK for Android v3.0.0:

New Features
  • Added landscape and tablet support for inline and interstitial placements
  • Added support for NestedScrollView
  • Added support for additional layouts, such as GridLayoutManager, StaggeredGridLayoutManager, FrameLayout
  • Added some basic collision detection between UI elements and adContainer, allowing to countermeasures for misaligned and partially viewable creatives
  • First-Party IDs: Publisher can use their own UUID-Namespace to securely hash their IDs
  • Remote Configuration: Added “app orientation” as conditional check
  • Remote Configuration: Added flexible expiration time (default: 6 hours)
  • Remote Configuration: Probability is now session based
  • MRAID: Aligned some VIS.X® proprietary features with MRAID standards
  • MRAID: expand() and resize() are only available for YOC Classic Banner
  • Performance in communication between creatives and SDK improved siginificantly
  • Creatives receive a WARNING if they overwhelm communication and redundant calls are muted
  • Creatives can check if onScrollEventListener are registered
  • YOC Branded Takeover: Effect is disabled if main creative is already a sticky ad
  • Minor refactors of Javascript Bridge
  • Mediation: Refresh of Ad Units from VIS.X® when served via mediation is restricted
  • Mediation: Added support for new Google Custom Events for Google Ads SDK 20.6+
  • Open Measurement SDK: Updated to 1.3.31
Bug Fixes
  • Remote Configuration called to late FIXED
  • Minor Bugs with MRAID 3.0 features FIXED
  • Static Banner may call for additional WebViews FIXED
Patch Notes: v3.0.1
  • On Fixed Size Banner, ignoring Density for Calculation FIXED

Date of Release: 2022-12-05

VIS.X® SDK for Android v2.1.0:

New Features
  • We have fundamentally revised the logging capabilities of the SDK: Developers now have visibility into the complete lifecycle of the ad in their console. Remote logging rollout is completed and the YOC service team is able to collect and provide logs for live apps, if remote configuration is enabled by the publisher.
  • Identity: VIS.X® SDK will now fallback to Google’s App Set ID, in case Google Advertising ID is not retrievable
  • Identity: Publisher can provide their first party ID to VIS.X® SDK
  • Identity: Removal of Huawei’s Open ID support, as this was causing issues on some devices
  • In-App Header Bidding: Added currency support
  • YOC Branded Takeover: Sticky creative keeps closed, if closed by a user
  • YOC Branded Takeover: Added technical requirements for shared viewability tracking between both creatives
  • Mediation: VIS.X® SDK will share key-value targetings with Google Mobile Ads SDK (require update of adapter files)
  • Remove of onAdResized(), onAdResizedAdClose() callbacks, which were used for mraid.resize()
  • onAdSizeChange() to include height for advertisement label, powered by YOC branding
  • Ad call expiration have new timeouts: 15 minutes for banners, 30 minutes for interstitials
  • VIS.X® Ad Unit ID can be overriden from YOC backend (requires Remote Configuration)
  • Minor refactor of Async Tasks, Interstitial
Bug Fixes
  • Probability calculation for Remote Configuration FIXED

Date of Release: 2022-04-11

VIS.X® SDK for Android v2.0.0:

New Features
  • Remote Configuration: In the future, we will be able to configure certain features on the backend side and, if necessary, fix incorrect settings in the SDK configuration without the need for an additional release. This includes configuration of the Ad Unit, the Mediation Setup and Ad Format specific features and effects.
  • Remote Logging: YOC support can create diagnostic data when needed after the app is released and live and independently validate the full functionality of the SDK at any time
  • Introduction of VisxCallbacks: The SDK’s callbacks to the app have been made more granular to better meet the diverse needs of app publishers and VisxCallbacks is a more convenient way accessing callbacks. Both ActionTracker and AdActionTracker were merged into VisxCallbacks and no longer available.
  • Improved Error Events: onAdLoadingFailed now provides a variety of dedicated error codes and detailed messages on how to handle them. Error events now cover the complete lifecycle of the ad (from request to close).
  • In-App Headerbidding (closed BETA): In a first iteration we allow selected publishers to test the planned in-app header bidding solution of our VIS.X® SDK.
  • Improved Safety Checks, Code Optimization, Refactor
  • Perfomance Improvements when running multiple ad instances
Bug Fixes
  • A bug that prevented the interstitial from closing under special circumstances FIXED
  • Cannot resolve symbol ‘State’ on React Native integrations FIXED
  • Several minor bugs has been FIXED

Date of Release: 2022-02-25

VIS.X® SDK for Android v1.7.0

New Features
  • New Ad Format: YOC Branded Takeover
  • The YOC Universal Ad Unit is now as easy to integrate as a standard banner and usually requires no additional development effort
  • Every inline banner position is now a YOC Universal Ad Unit per default
  • Important: While we still support the “simple banner” integration, it will be deprecated in future version.
  • YOC Understitial Ad® has now the option to be established without scroll listener
  • Jetpack Compose: Added support for YOC Universal Ad Unit
  • Expiration timeout for both banner and interstitial has been extended
  • Added background color support for interstitial placements, allowing publisher to overwrite the transparent default
  • Major Refactor, Performance Improvements (especially for cross platform environments)
Bug Fixes
  • Mediation: Minor Bugs with Google, Smart Mediation FIXED
  • MRAID Support: Minor Bugs with expand(), resize() FIXED

Date of Release: 2021-12-03

VIS.X® SDK for Android v1.6.0

New Features
  • Flutter Framework: Added support for YOC Universal Ad Unit
  • React Native: Performance Improvements
  • Expiration Timeout for Interstitial has been increased from 5 to 30 minutes
  • General Refactor, Minor Improvements
Bug Fixes
  • MRAID 3.0: Minor Bugs FIXED
Patch Notes: v1.6.1
  • Added additional logging for specific mraid-features
  • Upgraded Open Measurement SDK to version 1.3.23
  • Improved compliancy for Xamarin
  • Minor Bug Fixes
Patch Notes: v1.6.2
  • Added ActionTracker onVideoFinished(), which is called if a YOC Inline Video Ad is ended and the adContainer can be closed
  • YOC Mystery Scroller® (Inline-To-Sticky) Bug FIXED

Date of Release: 2021-10-28

VIS.X® SDK for Android v1.5.0

New Features
  • Added multiple and easier ways to integrate the VIS.X® SDK for Android
  • Added support for auto-detecting the parent ScrollView if not provided
  • Added support for YOC Mystery Scroller® from inline positions (Inline-To-Sticky)
  • Added ActionTracker onAdSizeChanged, allowing manual adjustment of adContainer sizes
Bug Fixes
  • Minor Bug Fixes
Patch Notes: v1.5.1
  • On Fixed Size Banner, ignoring Density for Calculation FIXED
  • Companion WebView stay if Universal Ad is closed FIXED
Patch Notes: v1.5.2
  • Improved Interstitial close handling
  • Inline-To-Sticky Minor Issues FIXED
  • Assets overwritten by external SDK FIXED
Patch Notes: v1.5.3
  • MRAID 3.0: visibleRectangle calculation FIXED
  • Sometimes blank AdUnit is displayed if fallback is empty FIXED
  • Multiple minor issues with interstitial FIXED
  • Improved click-out handling for non-mraid creatives
Patch Notes: v1.5.4
  • Improved Empty Fallback Handling
  • onAdSizeChange will send back raw width and height instead of VisxAdView
  • Minor Bugfixes

Date of Release: 2021-08-11

VIS.X® SDK for Android v1.4.0

New Features
  • Added support for YOC Universal Ad for Mediation with Google, Xandr and Smart
  • onAdLoadingFailed in Mediation will only be called at the end of the waterfall
  • Migration from Android API Level 29 to API Level 30

Date of Release: 2021-05-17

VIS.X® SDK for Android v1.3.0

New Features
  • Added support for YOC Mystery Scroller® and Reactive Scrolling
  • Added Key-Value Targeting
  • Added support for multiple YOC Understitial
  • Added mediation support for Xandr
  • Added mediation support for Smart
  • Added Tracker for Interstitial will be dismissed
  • Deprecated support for TCF 1.1
Bug Fixes
  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • Minor NullSafe Bug FIXED
  • Inline VIdeo drags performance FIXED

Date of Release: 2021-03-22

VIS.X® SDK for Android v1.2.0

New Features
  • Full MRAID 3.0 support
  • Improved performance for “YOC Understitial Ad” on older devices
  • Publisher can setup an Advertisement Markup using the SDK
  • Added support for Maven Central (Sonatype) and Bintray repositories
  • Support for Open Advertiser ID on Huawei Devices, when Google Services are not available
  • Added support for mediation for Huawei Ads Kit
Patch Notes: v1.2.1
  • Minor Bug Fixes for React Native Apps
Patch Notes: v1.2.2
  • deprecation of prefetchAd()
  • refactor VisxAdManager, improved Interface
  • Minor Issues related to Google Mediation FIXED
  • Improved auto-layouting for Universal Ad Unit

Date of Release: 2021-02-12

VIS.X® SDK for Android v1.1.0

New Features
  • Interstitial: Is now controlled via additional flag on the AdSize and no longer dependent to a specific size
  • Inline Placements are UniversalAds per default
  • Introduction of .prefetchAd() as option for VisxAdView to decouple request and rendering of Ads
  • Using will open the landing page in in-app browser per default in a modal view
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed Memory Leaks
  • AdItem is no longer obfuscated
  • Fixed issues with mraid.resize(), mraid.expand()
  • Fixed audio issues related for “YOC Inline Video Ad”

Date of Release: 2020-10-21

VIS.X® SDK for Android v1.0.0

New Features
  • Initial Release

Date of Release: 2020-09-18